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'Yule Ball Dinner' at Harry Potter Studios In London Is On Our Bucket List

No muggle could resist this party!

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter books, movies, or both, you already know there are a few places around the world you can step into the wizarding world in real life. The obvious choice are the theme parks at Universal Studios in Florida, California, Japan, and Beijing, but the studio tours in the UK cannot be overlooked. In fact, at Christmas time, the Warner Bros. studio tour is offering something extra special for fans to celebrate.

The London based studio where some scenes from the movies were filmed is holding a Yule Ball dinner, just like the one at Hogwarts in the story, and it's something that fans are welcome to attend. And after seeing this TikTok video from @kellyprincewright, it's clear that this is something that every big Harry Potter fan needs to experience for themselves.

Fans will get to enter the Great Hall to see it set up for the most glamorous of holiday celebrations, with plenty of yummy food and drinks to go around, along with a gorgeous, glittering Christmas tree and tons of decorations. A two-course Christmas dinner is served, with more dessert offerings than one person could ever eat on their own, and everyone in attendance is all dressed up in cocktail attire, so it's a great opportunity to really go all out.

After dinner, those who attend are welcome to walk around the studio tour to see the props and set pieces on display from the movies, so this is a great event to book if you were hoping to visit the Warner Bros. studio on your trip. 

If you watched this video and need to attend the Yule Ball in real life, doing so is easy if you're planning to be in London this season. The Hogwarts in the Snow event is running until January 15, 2023, and you can book tickets here