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'Harry Potter-Themed' Airbnb in Tennessee Is Every Wizard's Dream

This is even better than a stay at Hogwarts.

In the Harry Potter series of books and films, the “Night Bus” is a public bus that Wizards can call in the middle of the night that will pick them up and take them to their destination of choice (except, as a large sign on the bus warns, not “underwater”). Like many businesses in the Wizarding World, it is quirky, magical, staffed by a weirdo, and bigger on the inside. Though the bus of the films is triple-decker and filled with rows upon rows of beds for its wizard riders, this Harry Potter-themed AirBnB does its best to approximate the wonders of the Night Bus for Muggles who want to get a taste of magic. 

Utilizing an old Victorian-style trolley from the 1982 World’s Fair, these AirBnB hosts have leaned all the way into the wonders of the wizarding world to create a special night’s stay for any Harry Potter fan. The trolley is two stories high and painted a vivid purple. Inside, amenities like a kitchenette are painted to approximate luggage racks and wizard trunks. Bits of the famous “Marauder’s Map” are painted on the wood paneling, and wall art featuring newsprints from the films and even a “glimpse” into the wizard market of Diagon Alley. Wizard robes hang on a hook outside the star-studded bathroom, and even a throw pillow shaped like Harry’s giant white owl, Hedwig (RIP!).

The trolley is currently available to stay at in Kodak, Tennessee, on property near local tourist attractions like Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

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