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Frequent Cruiser Gives Honest Review of 'Harmony of the Seas'

There were a few things she wasn't sold on.

If you've taken a few cruise vacations, you already know that there are a lot of different elements that can make or break the experience, and most of them have to do with the ship itself. How comfortable and spacious the staterooms are, what kinds of dining and entertainment options are available — the list is endless. It makes it really exciting to check out the newest cruise ships to see what the latest and greatest offerings are.

Boarding a new ship doesn't automatically mean you're about to have a better vacation than if you had booked a cruise on an older member of a cruise line's fleet, though. And after hearing seasoned cruiser @smartcruiser share her review of the Harmony of the Seas, we're a bit surprised.

The Harmony of the Seas is one of the newer ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet, though it did debut in 2016. It's become a popular pick with many cruisers, but of course, people's tastes may vary, and this cruiser definitely had a few discerning thoughts about it herself after experiencing it firsthand.

While she did love the open concept design of the ship and all of the different things there are to do on board (like rock climbing and water slides). But not all of it was positive — she did point out that the staterooms, while nice, did have pretty cramped bathrooms, and she wasn't impressed with the dining outside of the signature restaurants. She found the adults only area to be crowded as well.

Despite those downsides, she does still "highly recommend" the cruise, but these are good things to know if it would help make your next cruise decision a little easier.

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