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Ultra-Cheap Price for Deluxe VIP Bus in Vietnam Is Pretty Impressive

Typically, long-haul bus trips are anything but luxurious. They're what you do if you can't drive yourself to your destination, can't swing a plane ticket, and can't find a good train route- essentially, it's considered a last resort for lengthy travel by most people. However, a few luxury buses are trying to change that perception.

The trip from Hanoi to Sapa in Vietnam takes around 6-7 hours with traffic. So how did travel vlogger @chasingdain make the trek? He took a luxury travel bus- and the price will make your jaw drop.

$20 for all that? What a steal! To put that in perspective, a Greyhound ticket from Chicago to Minneapolis (about a 6 hour trip) starts at around $60. Not only is this bus trip a third of the price, but you get a pretty cozy bunk, complete with privacy curtain and TV. Buses in America really need to step up their game... they're driving circles around us in Vietnam! Oh, and yes, in case you were worried... "Ps there was a toilet on board," added Dain. Phew!

We Americans weren't the only ones marveling at this microbudget deluxe experience. "That would be $500 in Australia," said an amazed @redfernboy69. "Plus mandatory seat belts and they’d charge you for water and wifi," added @razermelbourne.

And how did others who've ridden these buses feel about their experience? "Took a similar bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore about 5 years ago. Definitely worth it! $40 for a bed, with usb charging and a tv, and 2 meals," recalled @lilly.torrance. That sounds like what you get for business class on an airplane! Backpacker @anniewooldridge enjoyed her experience as well, albeit with a caveat: "Vietnam sleeper buses are the best!! If you can ignore the driver throwing you around all night."

One person did have a tough time with these buses, though. "The worst! So small! I had a panic attack in one. Not for people 6’2” no where to sit upright- it was terrifying," complained @scubaguy04. We thought it was important to note that if you're on the taller side, you may have a problem feeling cramped- though isn't that the dilemma with all travel arrangements as a tall person!

That said, taking into account issues with height margins, this still looks like a great, ultra-affordable travel option in Vietnam. If you're planning a Vietnam vacation, you can book this bus here.

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