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Man at LAX Goes to Extreme Lengths for Airport Comfort and People Are Impressed

Given just how many flights are canceling these days, it’s pretty safe to say that air travel is even more stressful than it used to be. Between staff shortages, insane weather all across the country, and various other glitches, the odds of sleeping on an airport floor are fairly high right about now. But apparently one dude at LAX came to the party a bit more prepared than others for an impending delay.

A new TikTok video that was shared by @edoublemah shows a crowded terminal at LAX with a bunch of people sitting at the gate. Captioned with “This man really out here saying, ‘Hold my Birks’ at LAX,” just wait until you see the set-up this guy created to make his airport stay as comfortable as possible. 

HA! A hammock! Why didn’t we ever think of that before? Sure, it does seem a bit extreme, but it sure beats trying to catch a nap on the floor, right? Whether he was on his way to a camping trip or always travels with a hammock in tow is up for debate. But either way, he was livin’ large in that moment. 

People on TikTok are pretty impressed with his set-up, and some have even seen this sort of thing happen before. @Miss Lady Sunflower said, “I mean, go to Denver airport and this is normal.” Another commenter, @BusterTheeGolden added, “I would expect this in Seattle/Portland… must be waiting to go back home lol.” But it was @SeanNotSean23 who wins the award for the best comment with, “My God, that’s Jason Bourne.” LOL!

Of course, there were a few party poopers who thought this dude shouldn’t have been allowed to hang a hammock where he pleased. But the majority of people who watched the clip agree that setting up shop in a cozy hammock is a winning alternative to the airport floor any day of the week. We think @em summed it up best, saying, “Okay, but literally this is so smart, and anyone who has ever had to sleep on the floor of an airport would agree 😂.” Indeed! 

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