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Traveler Shares 'Hallmark Movie Towns' to Visit This Season

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, many travelers are planning seasonal vacations to help them get into that holiday spirit. With the "Hallmark holiday movie" becoming a trope of the holiday season, some people are trying to emulate that kind of experience in real life. If you're looking for a charming Hallmark-esque destination, this video may be a great start!

Brittany, or @darlingtraveler1, loves compiling videos of charming travel destinations for her followers. Her new series, documenting "Hallmark Christmas towns" has launched just in time for the holiday season!

So far this is just part one of her new series, but what a start! It definitely lives up to its title- Frankenmuth, Michigan really does have that quinessential Hallmark holiday movie vibe. We were charmed by the colorful lights, the Christmas store, and the reindeer farm! The traditional Bavarian architecture of the town really helps accentuate that holiday charm, too. Frankenmuth is definitely a hidden gem destination for the Yuletide season!

It's not just a vibe, either: "There was an actual Hallmark movie filmed here as well," informed @katelinmikulak. "Haha! I had no idea there was one filmed here! It just really felt like a Hallmark movie setting," Brittany replied. Hey, it just goes to show that Brittany is right on the money. Incidentalaly, if you want to see it for yourself, the film in question is "A Christmas Movie Christmas".

The locals were proud to have their charming town featured in the flagship installment of Brittany's new series. "Love Frankenmuth, always have to make a stop at Bronners when I'm back home," said @cocolo727. "Oh my gosh I live here! And this video is making me look at it so different, shared @courtney__rose. "Anytime is a good time to visit, but Christmas is the best with all the decorations and lights," agreed @toniavasquez0.

With such an inspired start to her series, we can't wait to see what else Brittany has in store for future videos.  For now, though, Frankenmuth is going on our holiday travel must-see list!

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