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Video of Cars Driving Above the Clouds at Hawaii National Park Is Jaw-Dropping

This is honestly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Early Hawaiians called the Haleakala volcano on Maui the “House of the Sun” due to the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that could be viewed from its peak. Now a National Park, the majestic shield volcano is an enormously popular destination for tourists on a pilgrimage to its summit to enjoy the stunning views. The volcano itself has not erupted in over 200 years, and it is a place not only of exquisite beauty, but also mysterious legends. Is it any wonder, then that getting to and from the top of this mountain seems like something out of a fairytale?

In this video, visitors to Haleakala show how jaw-dropping the drive is. The road to the peak is considered one of the steepest routes in the world, gaining over 10,000 feet in only thirty-eight miles. Such a sharp incline leads to videos like the one seen above, in which the cars appear be literally floating across the clouds as they descend the side of the volcano.

Travelers on the route describe it as a magical experience, giving them an idea of what it would be like to “drive to heaven” and reporting that the moment did not even seem real.

One viewer, @sarafina228, said that even seeing the brake lights through the clouds scared her, as she first thought it was lava.

If you plan to the pilgrimage to the Haleakala summit, make sure to reserve your spot in advance with the Park Service, and to pack warm clothes. Although Hawaii has a tropical climate, the summit of the mountain is very high, and very cold, especially before the sunrise. 

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