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Guys' Genius Plan to Keep the Middle Seat Open on Their Flight Is Just Priceless

Having a seat next to you empty on a flight is more rare than winning the lottery these days. We're all desperate to have just a little bit of extra room to stretch out, but flights are just so packed anymore. However, some have resorted to extra measures to ensure that no one sits next to them when they don't have assigned seats. 

A video that's going viral on TikTok was shared by @nittigritti, and it shows two guys' master plan for ensuring that the middle seat between them remained open. We are totally cracking up over the lengths they went to! 

Haha, this is too funny! These guys actually went so far as to make it look like they had a person sitting next to them in the middle seat so no one would sit there. I mean, you really can't tell! Most of the commenters are saying how genius this plan is. TikTok user @michaelb4 was grateful for the hack, saying, "Thank you so much for bequeathing this knowledge." It really is a fairly clever trick, although, it only has a chance of working on airlines like Southwest, where seats are not assigned.

Surprisingly, some people haven't even heard of flying with non-pre arranged seating. One commenter, @thottiesruss said, "Do people not pay for specific seats anymore? Is it like you buy a ticket and pick whatever one u want lmao." User @alexiaxiris replied to the comment with, "On Southwest ,you pick when you get on." Granted, if you dare to try this hack, you'll have to assume everyone around you is totally oblivious and not paying attention. Then again, with how nuts air travel is these days, the odds of that happening actually aren't too shabby.

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