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Traveler Guesses People's Jobs Based on Their Airport Outfits in Hilarious Video

OMG. Do you ever stumble across a video on TikTok that's an oldie, but a goodie? That's what happened this morning when we saw this video from 2021 that was shared by @exploringamanda. How have we not seen this before? It's internet gold, you guys. When it was posted back in June of 2021, it got over 500,000 views, and honestly, it's a wonder that it didn't go more viral.

In the footage, you'll see the video creator taking guesses at what people do for a living based on the outfits they're wearing at the airport. Um, her ideas seriously couldn't be any more spot on. Check it out.

LMAO! Is this hilarious, or what? The best one in our opinion was, "Mr. Steal Ya Girl." And the "front desk at Gold's Gym" has us cracking up, too. People who watched the clip are equally as impressed with how perfect her predictions are. @Tom Collins had a slight adjustment to one of them, saying, "Not sure about the admin asst. She's heading past southwest and towards American gates. Plus for some reason, she screams Karen to me." (Karens. They're everywhere.)

Other commenters are loving the "Free People Associate," to which the creator replied, "I used to be one so that’s how I know 😅." HA! That would definitely explain it. And @Luke Johnson joked, "Gold front desk guy has the “brightest “orange I ever seen."

Some people told her she should post a part 2 of this video, and luckily, she delivered.

Again. Totally. Spot. On!