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Parents' Reactions to Seeing a Grizzly Bear While Hiking With Their Kids Are Pretty Incredible

When it comes to hiking safety, one of the most important things any hiker can remember is how to act if they encounter a bear. Knowing how to stay calm and follow the right advice will help keep both you and the bear safe in case of an encounter.

It's easy to say this, but it's harder to keep your head while it's happening- especially if you have small children with you! Hiking and camping enthusiast @restlesscrusade and her family were hiking in the wilds of British Columbia when they happened upon a grizzly bear. Watch how they handled the encounter by the book!

This family did everything right- they warned the others and banded together, they kept calm, and they made noise to scare the bear off when it started wandering closer. Because of their quick thinking and great wilderness training, everyone stayed safe on their hike!

In the video's description, @restlesscrusade included tons of other great advice to help fellow hikers stay "bear aware". "Carry bear spray at all times 🐻 Make noise 🐻 Stay in a group 🐻 Keep children close 🐻 Keep all food away from where you sleep and stored in a bear cache/canister/hang 🐻 Maintain a safe distance from the bear."

Fellow hikers praised their readiness. "Such a great example of being prepared (educated on basic bear safety)… and calm 👏🏻," praised @frozencoast. "Good for you guys for keeping calm and not freaking out and scaring your kids. I can’t imagine being in that situation," applauded @cutelittlesealpup. 

We have to agree. This was a masterclass in hiking safety. Keep this video and the accompanying tips in mind the next time you go out for a hke!

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