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Video of Grizzly Bear Running Toward Woman on Hike in British Columbia Is No Joke

Apparently the bear continued to stalk her and her friends.

In certain parts of the world, running into some pretty scary creatures while spending time outdoors is a possibility that you need to be prepared for — but can anyone ever really be prepared to come face to face with a grizzly bear?

As we learned in one TikTok video, thanks to @chelseaweisgerber, the answer to that question is probably a big old "no." One woman and her friends were hiking in British Columbia when they were suddenly being chased down by a grizzly, and we can't even begin to imagine how scared they must have been!

Apparently, they were just stopping to admire the view after they'd hiked 10 kilometers (a little over six miles, for those of us in the US) and realized that a bear was running after them... and of course, they forgot their bear spray at the bottom of the mountain!

The bear continued to follow them for the next two kilometers of their hike, and fortunately, at that point, he decided to go do something else. But we have to imagine that must have been the scariest hike they've had! 

We're glad to know that this hike had a happy ending, but it's a great reminder to make sure to stay safe while in nature — to avoid bears and for all kinds of other reasons.