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Video of 'Remote Worker' Setting Up a 'Green Screen' on the Beach Is Just Too Funny

How far would you go to keep up the illusion of "working from home" at your work-from-home job? Zoom backgrounds have made it easier to give remote workers the appearance that they're working from their home office even if they're out and about. Some workers, however, are willing to do more to stretch the illusion as far as they possibly can!

TikTok user @averyncmm was settling into a day at the beach when she spotted an unusual sight- it looked like maybe, just maybe, another remote worker was trying to set up his office green screen at the beach!

LOL! We love this idea. One of the benefits of remote work is that you can do it from anywhere- why shouldn't you take your work to the beach, if you can get away with it? If that is indeed what this man is trying to do, we can't help but applaud his ingenuity!

A few commenters picked holes in the dude's plan, though. "Till a seagull flies into the green screen," commented @amberrosie96. Hahaha! We'd honestly pay to see that! "How can you get internet service at the beach? Because I’m trying to do the same lol," asked @b3rnie_24 (psst... this one's easy- just use your phone's hotspot).

Really though, at the end of the day, who cares if this guy's at the beach, as long as the work gets done? "My job wouldn’t even care if I was at the beach as long as I was working lol," commented @kendra_handcrafted. "Tbh my job would applaud them and I feel so lucky to say that!" said @desertpawphx. We love seeing so many people with supportive, chill jobs, and we think everyone deserves a work environment like that!

Shoutout to this man who combined his business with a beach day! We love seeing someone live their best life. As @thelifeofshell2021 observed, "We all deserve this life."