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Hiker's Visit To Utah's 'Great Chamber' Is Awe-Inspiring

With its gorgeous, colorful, and awe-inspiring rock formations, Utah's Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. However, one of the most stunning rock formations in Utah isn't in Zion National Park. It's actually a bit outside of the park, and it's something of a hidden gem.

TikTok user and hiking enthusiast @angeltraces takes us to this hidden gem- The Great Chamber in Kanab, Utah. We can't believe this place isn't more well-known!

That formation is unreal. Now that we think about it, we suppose we can see why it's less well known- the area isn't easily accessible, you have to have a certain kind of vehicle to make it there, etc. It's a shame, though, because it really is something special. It's massive size and delicate lines traveling up the arch make it look like something hand-carved by a giant! We were enthralled by its beauty, as were @angeltraces' viewers. "I agree could you say incredible one more time," admired @jdm1950. On the other hand, maybe it's a good thing that this arch is hard to reach- it's beauty won't be ruined by becoming overwhelemed with tourists.

If you'd love to visit the Great Chamber for yourself, but don't have a high clearance vehicle for the mission, don't despair. "You can also take UTV tours. We did a custom tour of this & peek a boo slot canyon with Kanab Tour Company, they were fantastic!" @katsherk recommended. 

While places like Zion National Park have views for days and enough gorgeous nature to take your breath away, don't forget to look outside of Utah's national parks. Consider following @angeltraces' footsteps and seeing The Great Chamber for yourself- it's a natural wonder all of its own. 

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