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Grandpa's Reaction to His Very First Cruise Has Us Rolling with Laughter

Aytime you travel somewhere that's completely different to what you're used to, it can have you feeling like a fish out of water! Even cruise ships, with all their enticing amenities and luxurious, can overwhelm first-timers sometimes. However, sometimes it's not what's on deck, but what's in their cabins, that trips new guests up the most!

TikTok influencer@amyiathebrat and her family took their grandpa on his first ever cruise aboard a Carnival cruise ship. Grandpa's adjustment to his new surroundings, however, hit a few hilarious snags!

LMFAO! You know what, though, his confusion is understandable- that safe really does look a bit like a microwave. We still couldn't help but split our sides laughing over it, though- and neither could his family! The best part was how serious and determined his demeanour stayed while his whole family was cracking up- comedy gold.

Amyia's audience were rolling over this hilarious situation and joined in on the fun- both laughing about it and sympathizing with Paw'Paw's predicament. "He's so serious while y'all plaing," laughed @addictivel0ve. "It’s the confidence in the point when he said “'That’s the microwave'," pointed out @say_wop. "I would genuinely be upset. My food locked up and it’s cold," @nah_just.tay empathized with Grandpa. Exactly! He's hungry- less cracking up, more code-cracking!

Luckily, the code would be easy enough to figure out. "How many minutes he put it for? That’s the code," remarked @mouth_salad. As the video shows, they were finally able to get in by doing just that, once grandpa remembered what he had put in. "1 minute and 11 seconds... the code was 111," laughed Amyia in response. LOL!

What a hoot. A genuinely understandable mistake that had everybody laughing and had a happy ending- it's golden silly moments like these that make a family trip. We hope they all had a great cruise from then on out- and that he didn't lock up his food in any more contraptions! This incident may have prompted a few people to have a pre-cruise sitdown with their parents, though, like @teonna.theboss : "I’m taking my parents on their first cruise. Now I feel like we should have a conversation about this." We think that might just be a good call!

We can't wait to see what else the ship has in store!

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