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Grandma Shares 3 Things She Always Does After a Trip and It's Pretty Sage Advice

Our elders often have advice for the younger generations. While not all of it may be perfect, they do have a lot of experience, and the wise ones can pass on some truly sage advice to us if we're willing to listen!

TikTok user @brunchwithbabs is a grandma of 8+ and mother of 4 with a lot of sound advice to share with her followers. In this video, she shares the three big things she always does after returning home from a trip. We gotta say, this is advice that everyone could stand to take to heart- ourselves included!

This is some of the best post-travel advice we've ever heard. A lot of us are in the procrastination camp when it comes to unpacking, but a big part of that is no one wants to have to sort through dirty and clean clothes when they're worn out. But her advice about separating the dirty and clean clothes into separate suitcases makes so much sense and would make things way more simple. And then, the other two items are all about self-care... and we're big fans of that! Easy pizza dinners and a little pre-trip home prep go a long way toward making your return home much more relaxing!

Commenters were totally tuned in to what Babs had to say! "I put clean sheets on before going to Australia and my husband made fun of me but boy was it heavenly after that long trip back," shared @perfumjnky. "Love this idea. So you’re saying the suitcase in my bedroom for the last 2 weeks isn’t necessary? 😂" said @guineapigmomm.

"Why am I feeling reassured that EVERYTHING in the world would be just alright hearing her talk!!!!!" exclaimed @atg190. "I feel like there needs to be a Babs Camp for adults where we learn how to take care of ourselves properly and be more efficient humans," said @iwanttopetallthedogs.

Ok, but seriously though- can she offer a life coaching camp for real? We'd be the first ones to enroll!

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