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Grandma Humiliates Granddaughter After Seeing a Yacht and We're So Here For It

To anyone who's ever had to deal with family members asking them "When are you gonna finally settle down with someone nice?" this video is for you. We think you'll be able to empathize with this situation!

The TikTok account @excusemygrandma is shared between a young woman named Kim and her grandma Gail. They're clearly very close and document a lot of their time hanging out together, mostly in NYC. However, Grandma Gail is very outspoken and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind!

LOL, of course! Surely your granddaughter won't mind if you try to recruit a mate for her right in front of her! We get her logic: yacht=money, and money=granddaughter being set for life. Still, she got Kim all worked up and embarrassed! LOL, typical grandma moment.

This was definitely a relatable moment for many commenters, too. "My grandmother did this same thing to me, always telling people she has a single granddaughter 😂😂" commented @glamorouslife99. "Look, Grandma would like to dance at your wedding. That’s all 😂," said @jsashburn. Sounds like something a GRANDMA would say!

LOL, but we kid in good fun. After all, it's done with the best of intentions. "Grams is the wingwoman we all need. 😂" agreed @kimyukong_. And this video sounded the call for other matchmaking family members as well! As user @jmbilm1 offers, "Love you two! I have a single son in the city! Let’s work something out! 😁" Oh boy, here we go again!

While it may have made for an awkward moment, it just shows that grandma is looking out for her baby! We love the enthusiasm, and we love the love that Kim and her grandma share.

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