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Grandma's Reaction to Seeing a Highland Cow in Scotland Is Too Cute

While historic landmarks and popular tourist attractions draw crowds by the thousands, sometimes the things that tourists really want to see in a new country are the simplest things at all. Many visitors have basic goals like sampling the local cuisine, getting to visit a certain store- or even just checking out the local wildlife.

When TikTok user @jessmarie117 visited Scotland with her family, her grandma had just one mission- she wanted to see at least one Highland cow. On a drive through the countryside, her wish was granted!

OMG, now that was a wish well granted! The cows in this video are so adorable, and it's clear from the warmth in their voices how charmed they are to spot them. Highland cows in particular are well loved all over the world for their unique appearance and ultra-fluffy coat, so it's no surprise why any visitor to Scotland would have seeing one on their bucket list. Grandma is clearly so pleased to have been visited by the fluffy fellows.

Naturally, people wanted to know if Jess and her grandma got to pet any of them! "Are you allowed to touch them? Are they friendly?" @mandynicolec was curious. "They seemed pretty chill for the most part! They were just someone’s here that roam around so you could probably pet them! Though one did pretend the charge the car a little bit and then ran around frolicking. I think he was playing though," Jess replied.

Playing or not, one should remember that bulls can be aggressive, even Highland ones. However, that doesn't typically seem to be too much of an issues. People respect them there, they tend to have a decent tolerance when you’re not forcing yourself on them," said @liesymo. Approach them the same as any other domesticated animal- let them get a sense for you first, and don't force anything or stress them out!

People were going crazy for the cute  Highland "coos". "Can i also be your grandma. This is all i want in life," admired @thisgirlgeorge. "Omg I thought I was the only one with this on my bucket list," admitted another user. "They are so fluffy!!" cried @wokefairy.

We're glad that Jess' grandma got to see her favorite Scottish animal on their trip. We hope this isn't their only encounter with the cows- and we hope their next run-in comes with some pets and cow cuddles, too!

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