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Grandma's Reaction to Being Surprised With Her First 'Disney' Trip Is Just Magical

You're never too old to experience the magic.

How old is too old to be surprised by a trip to Disney? That age does not exist, duh, and just in case anyone out there needed proof, here's the sweetest surprise we've seen in a very long time, captured on video for TikTok. 

Granddaughter @aliciarene22 planned a surprise trip to Disneyland for her grandmother, and though with many surprises like this we've seen the big reveal take place at home or at the airport, this time, it didn't come until Grandma was already at the park, which made it way better.

You have to see her reaction. The look on her face is everything. 

What made it even more special is knowing that this was Grandma's very first time going to Disneyland ever.

"Surprised my grandma with her first Disney trip ever. She never got the chance to come as a child or bring her family! So happy I got to do this for her after this hard year," her granddaughter wrote.

Even better than seeing her face during the initial surprise is seeing how excited she is to see parades and fireworks and try the snacks — it's just too adorable.

This granddaughter is pretty awesome for making her grandma's dream come true like this. This is a memory they'll both have forever!