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Grandma Lives Her Best Life on Cruise Ship and People Can't Get Enough

Don't ever let anyone tell you that grandmas don't know how to party! After all, many older demographics flock towards the popular party cruises that take people on booze-soaked romps through the Caribbean. Just because someone is a senior citizen doesn't mean they can't party down- in fact, they've probably got decades more partying experience than you do!

This brings us to this hilarious video shared by TikTok user @theglutenfreetravelagent. She and her family were enjoying a Disney cruise trip to Castaway Cay. Grandma came along with the fam, and by 10 am on Day 2 of the cruise, she was already turning up with moves that would put some younger dancers to shame!

Go Grandma, go Grandma! Throw away your watches, people, Grandma's on Island Time! No joke though, we don't know if we could muster up that kind of energy at 10 am even at our age. Grandma is clearly living her best life here- and we love to see it!

With that energy and those dance moves, Grandma earned herself a few fans! "Grandma is the rockstar!!! She earned those drinks 🍹," commented user @moty4eva. "If this isn’t me when I get older then I don’t want to get old. #goals," said @crystalcarby. Some observed that Grandma wasn't alone at the party, either: "Your grandma is the best and the energy of that bartender at 10 am is awesome!!!!" cheered @lren2000. LOL, yep- the bartender is getting down in the background too. And of course he is- after all, he's the one fueling the party!

This is the kind of energy we should be striving to achieve each time we go on a vacation. The video's creator @theglutenfreetravelagent quotes Grandma, saying "She says “You can’t just let the fun roll by” 🙌." Honestly, those are words to live by!