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Family Surprises Grandma in California for Her 90th Birthday and Her Reaction Is So Sweet

Milestone birthdays get more and more special the older you get. If you're lucky to reach old age in good health and prosperity, that alone is a gift in and of itself. However, there is no more precious gift than the love of your family.

TikTok user @shimsham.94's grandmother recently reached a major milestone birthday- 90 years! To celebrate the grand occasion, her family flew from all over the country down to California to be with their matriarch on her special day.

This is so incredibly touching. That look was one of genuine joy and surprise- when she said "I don't believe it," you know she meant it! On such an important milestone, what better way to celebrate your life than to have the family you have built over many years surrounding you and being with you? We love that, no matter how near or far they all were, everybody traveled down to celebrate with her on her birthday. You can tell their roots run deep.

"Think about it- none of us would even be here if it wasn’t for our grandparents. It’s the least we can do," @dabasaursj responded sagely. It's so true- family ties are important and should be celebrated as much as possible! Love isn't limited by distance or time. "Recently lost my grandma and this made me shed a tear. God bless your family and enjoy your grandma," blessed @cynthia_avg. "Such a blessed lady, I’m sure it filled her heart with so much joy. Happy 90th round around the sun to many more," @_itssennybee gave their well wishes!

We know this had to be one of her best birthdays ever. Her reaction upon seeing her family there waiting for her told us everything we needed to know. We wish her the happiest of birthdays with many more to come!

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