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Stunning Video of the 'Grand Tetons' in Wyoming Looks Straight Off a Postcard

Wyoming, a wild and rugged state, is renowned throughout both the country and the world alike for its stunning natural features, such as those that can be found in the Yellowstone National Park. From its lakes to its mountains, Wyoming holds so much untamed beauty.

A lot of attention is given to the aforementioned Yellowstone National Park, but Wyoming has more than that to offer. One need only experience the grandeur of the Grand Tetons, a 40-mile mountain range contained within the state, to realize that. TikTok user @jonpurcell captured a stunning view of the Grand Tetons' most prominent peaks in this video.

What an incredible view. The warm colors of the sunset truly elevate the range's beauty. We can understand why the state is sometimes called "Big Wyoming"- it has such a vast and awe-inspiring presence!

Viewers of the video were awestruck by the mountains' majesty. "The most beautiful view I’ve ever seen …..wish I still lived there," responded @kellimccann65. "One day… I’ll see this majesty and wonder ♥️," aspired @valhallamnt. Others were blunter: "Those tetons do be grand 👀," said @oliviadlf. Heck yeah they do.

Can you imagine westward explorers in the 19th century trying to pass over the mountains? We weren't the only ones who did: "I only have 22 pounds of bacon left. I don’t think my party will make it o’er the pass by first snow," joked @kwerty_kwert. LOL! It's been a long while since we played Oregon Trail, were the Grand Tetons ever featured in it? If not, someone should make a version where you pass through them!

If you ever visit Wyoming and want to take the road less traveled, Grand Teton National Park is waiting there for you. See if you can't experience these iconic views for yourself!