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Secret About the Opening of Disney's 'Grand Floridian' Will Delight 'Full House' Fans

There will never be anyone cooler than Uncle Jesse.

Whether you're a fan of Disney, '90s sitcoms, or both, there's a good chance you still remember the period of time where so many of our favorite TV shows filmed episodes on location at Disney World in Florida. Boy Meets World and Roseanne both did it, and now, we know a cool story about something that happened there with John Stamos before it was ever Full House's turn to film with the mouse.

Most Disney visitors are familiar with the Grand Floridian, one of the most luxurious resorts on property. And now, @jimtravelsdisney is sharing a cool fact about the classy hotel that even the biggest Full House fans might not have known about. Before the hotel was ever open to the public, the Beach Boys — along with Stamos — filmed their music video for "Kokomo" on the Seven Seas Lagoon right outside of it. 

Looking back at the music video itself, it's clear to see that the Grand Floridian is behind the band as they play, even though people might not have associated it with Disney at the time! If we didn't know better, we might have thought that this was actually filmed at one of the more tropical locations the Beach Boys sing about in the song.

At that point, Stamos probably didn't know that he'd return shortly after to film an episode of the show. And those who follow him on social media now know what big fans he and his wife, Caitlin, are of the theme parks. They're there all the time! 

Next time we're at the Grand Flo, we're definitely going to look at it a little differently. What if it really was a beach resort?