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Little-Known 'Dirty' Secret About New York's Grand Central Station Is Hiding in Plain Sight

We honestly had no idea.

For many travelers who love New York City, Grand Central Station can be a pretty magical place. Sure, to some, it's just a train station, but the architecture is gorgeous, it has many places to shop and eat while passing through, and it's been featured in a lot of TV shows and movies, making it a bucket list destination for many. 

Even those who have ended up at Grand Central many times over the years might not know this fun fact about the station, though — and by "fun," we mean kind of disgusting. Thanks to @kaliguitar on TikTok, we now know exactly why part of the ceiling is a bit discolored, and it's thanks to a pretty gross habit.

Sharing a glimpse of the ornate ceiling, the person filming the video revealed that since Grand Central Station has been open since the time when smoking cigarettes was allowed indoors, the tar and nicotine ended up staining it. In the '90s, the ceiling was cleaned, but for whatever reason, a spot was left that shows exactly how stained the ceiling was before it was cleaned. 

We knew how prevalent smoking indoors (and smoking in general) was in decades past, but this really makes it obvious. Whoa. 

"It's a good thing we got those trains off the cigarettes," one person joked in the comments.

It's wild to see the difference in the ceiling, but makes us all the more thankful that it was able to be cleaned up so everyone could appreciate the beauty. 

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