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Video of the 'Best Pool and Spa' in New York City Is a Summer Game-Changer

A tropical spa vacation is what we're all dreaming about at the moment. But for those of us who live in urban neighborhoods, getting that experience can be tricky and expensive to find. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @bellagerard, the creator gives us the inside scoop of a pool and spa located on Governor's Island. It is nothing like we have ever seen in New York City, the views are just incredible. There are so many cool perks and details that you have to watch to understand. Check it out!

Okay, this place incredible! So at this spa located off of downtown Manhattan, people can buy day passes and use the pool with a service of a massage or sauna room. Honestly, our favorite part was the seats in the pool, how relaxing! The commenters agree that this is just too good to be true. TikTok user @c250930 said, "All you have to do is take the ferry and — yep no that’ll do it for me lol." So easy and convenient!

However, most of us are wondering how much this actually costs. One of the comments by user @namastaynico provided us with the breakdown. "Entrance is $90 for weekdays and $108 weekends + like another $100 for massage. You’re welcome." This experience is for sure a splurge, but with all the perks, we would say it's worth it. 

Still, some people feel as if this is too much. Like user @iiiiildi, who said, "Me wondering how much it costs and then seeing the Balenciaga bag". LOL that bag was getting a lot of attraction in the comments, even as much as the spa. It's safe to say that this luxury is worth it if you have some change in your pocket. 

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