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Gondola Ride in Switzerland That Includes Wine and Fondue Is Straight Out of a Dream

From their Swiss cheese and fondue dip to their succulent chocolate, lovers of rich food the world over have much to thank Switzerland for. The only thing that would make enjoying these delicacies even better is a gorgeous view to go with your meal... say, of the Swiss Alps?

If that sounds like a tantalizing experience, then you'll want to check this out. TikTok user @drifterkait recently enjoyed the iconically rich Swiss cuisine on her trip to Switzerland. This was no ordinary dining experience, however- she indulged on fondue and wine while riding a gondola through the Alps and taking in the mountainous vistas!

This is positively indulgent. We think we may have found a new bucket list item! Enjoying fondue and getting a bit tipsy on excellent wine while gliding through the air past the Matterhorn sounds like a dream. "Why am I not eating fondue on a gondola right now? " mused one user, and we're honestly wondering the same. We wish we were there trying this like, yesterday!

"My heart says yes but my lactose intolerance says ✨no✨," said @lauren_gauvin. Sorry, but this is exactly what Lactaid was made for- we'd take the L to experience this. However, if you really cannot tolerate cheese, or if you're vegan, there are reportedly non-cheese versions of this experience you can indulge in.

"Ok so what are the details? where is it? how do you get reservations for it?" asked @freakazoid____. "Sadly they only do it once a summer, but you can find info on for all the cool Matterhorn experiences!" responded @drifterkait. Keep this in mind if you ever plan a Swiss summer sojourn!

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