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Traveler Shows Little-Known Path To 'Secret' Waterfall In Iceland

People from all over the world travel to Iceland for its incredible geological features- active volcanoes, steaming hot springs, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls you'll ever see. One of the country's most famous waterfalls is the Seljalandsfoss, which you can even walk behind. But did you know that next to Seljalandsfoss, there's a strikingly beautiful "hidden" waterfall that many miss?

Travel vlogger @handluggageonly visited the famous Seljalandsfoss- but instead of staying there, he takes us aside to show us the path to the lesser-known "secret" waterfall close by!

WHOA. It's a shame that so many people don't think to check over there- they're missing some amazing falls that might even give their more-famous neighbor a run for its money! This is called Gljufrabui (pronounced "glyoo-fra-boo-ee"- say that three times fast) and somehow it has remained a fairly well-kept secret, despite its proximity to one of the biggest natural tourist attractions in Iceland!

Others who had been there were also amazed by Gljufrabui's hidden beauty. "That second waterfall was my favorite part of my entire trip to Iceland - it’s so beautiful," reminisced @teavanlinde. "My waterproof boots were perfection, just walked straight through but did hop on a stone for the “aesthetic”," @emmyxmas described her visit. "I didn't do the main waterfall because the line was too long, I just did the "secret" one," @meggsyoung recounted how she discovered the falls. 

While Gljufrabui does typically stay relatively quiet compared to Seljalandsfoss, it still occasionally gets its fair share of visitors during the height of tourist season. "D**n, when I was here it was insanely packed! Wasn’t a “secret” because there was a huge line of people trying to get in! I wish it were this empty," lamented @buttslightyear. You're less likely to have to fight through crowds at the "hidden" falls, but be prepared- it still has its crowded moments!

All things considered, however, Gljufrabui is still recognized as a semi-hidden gem among locals and tourists alike. It just goes to show that sometimes when you stray just a little bit off of the beaten path, you can discover something really unique and beautiful!

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