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Woman's Unique House Sitting Experience in Connecticut Has People Freaking Out

Not sure we'd be able to stay here.

Housesitting can be a great way to pick up some extra cash and spend some time away from your own home, but it's definitely not for everyone — especially when things get a little creepy. 

One woman, @alli.likes.adventure, who was housesitting in Connecticut shared her experience on TikTok, and we can't say we're jealous of the place she had to stay. The house itself was odd, with long wood paneled hallways and floor to ceiling windows in most rooms of the house so that it basically looked like it was made of glass. But as it turns out, those were the least spooky things about it.

Despite the fact that she was there alone with no neighbors around, she saw someone in the backyard, standing on a bridge that was part of their landscaping. And then, there's the jump scare at the end of the video... what was that?! 

More than one person in the comments compared the house to the ones they've seen in horror movies like the one from When a Stranger Calls, so maybe that alone is a sign that she needs to get out? 

She should probably pack her things and leave ASAP — or at least call the owners and find out if it's normal to see people hanging out in the backyard. If for no other reason, they should know someone's been out there!