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Unique Glamping Experience in Brooklyn Comes With Views of Manhattan for Days

Booking accommodations for an upcoming visit to the Big Apple? When you're thinking of the kinds of experience your stay in NYC could entail, "glamping" probably doesn’t even come to mind. However, one company, NYC Glamping, is trying to change that.

TikTok user @nytoanywhere recently booked a stay at one of NYC Glamping’s properties on the Brooklyn waterfront. These accommodations have a unique look to them… they’re refurbished from old shipping containers! Despite their unassuming exteriors, however, these former shipping containers provide their guests with a stylish stay, as @nytoanywhere shows us in this video: 

Whoa... that's taking "glamping" to a whole new level! You never judge a book by its cover, and we guess you should never judge a shipping container by its exterior, either! This glamp-site is so cozy, with a gorgeous view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline across the water right from your bed! With its proximity to the Skyline Drive-In Theater and the Greenpoint Terminal Market, this stay will really have you feeling like a Brooklyn native!

Reactions to this glamp-site were divided in the comments. Some people were totally into this innovative idea! "So cool!!!" responded user @madisonfressle. "How can I stay there??" asked user @lvpinky2 (btw, the answer is to visit Many commenters, however, were not so hot on this idea: "They done gentrified shipping containers," observed one user. "It's giving Dexter," joked @busyfoodielauren.

What do you think? Do the unique accommodations and hip location entice you, or do you prefer a more traditional stay? In case you're wondering, "Yes there is AC and security locks," clarifies @nytoanywhere in the comments. Consider it as a fun, unique alternative if you want to switch things up on your next NYC adventure!