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Luxury Glamping Retreat in the U.K. Is Nothing Short of Magical

Glamping: perfect for when you want to be out in the wilderness, but you don't want to rough it too hard either. The best glamping spots know how to marry a more rugged outdoorsy look with basic creature comforts that put it a few steps above camping out in a tent in the woods.

The Secret Garden Glamping in Rainford, UK, is one such glamping company, and they really take the "glam" in glamping to the next level. Flexing their style and great amenities on their official TikTok page, @thesecretgardenglamping, we get a glimpse at what they have to offer.

HOLY COW! We're so on board with this. The decorations are absolutely gorgeous- we were in love with the hanging lilacs everywhere. But then you add on the massive bathtubs and Jacuzzis, cozy beds, fun swings, and other amenities- I mean, what else can we say but sign us up!

Well... therein lies the problem, as there's currently a catch: "Fully booked till September 2023," lamented @abbeyb94. Yeah, there's a full year before their next opening. However, Secret Garden Glamping advises saddened viewers not to give up hope: "Keep an eye out for cancellations!" they advise. Not a bad idea, but we'd probably just advise curious parties to be very patient!

That said, the way this place looks makes us think it's worth the year's wait. The place must be bumping for a reason! Looking on their website, in addition to their many luxurious amenities (not to mention a great number of awards that they've won), they offer special party packages, and even gourmet charcuterie and breakfast boxes for an enticing edible treat. We could see this being the ultimate spot for a friend trip, birthday, or bachelor/bachelorette party! Just remember: good things come to those that wait. 

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