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Beautiful Glamping Spot in New Zealand Is So Serene

With its diverse, stunning, and unique landscapes, New Zealand calls to camping enthusiasts from around the world. There are many places to pitch a tent and take in the surrounding beauty, from snow-capped mountains to peaceful forests to serene beaches. If you've never pitched a tent in your life, though, fear not- New Zealand's got some great glamping spots, too.

The TikTok account @roadynz documents the best spots to check out on a New Zealand road trip. One such spot is this amazing glamping cabin, the Te Waihou Riverside Retreat.

Stunning and serene! We can't get over how lovely this place looks. The lush, green banks of the Waihou River make it look like a place out of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings movies- and actually, we weren't all that far off in thinking so. This area is only about 15-20 minutes away from Hobbiton, the filming place of the Shire from those films. It'd make for a super cool day trip while you're staying in that cabin!

So- would you stay there? Our answer would be a resounding yes, but some people needed more convincing. "It depends on whether there are gators, crocodiles, or snakes," worried @saragon724. No need to worry there, though- New Zealand has no alligators, crocodiles, or even land snakes- only sea snakes, which shouldn't be a problem on the river. We weren't kidding, New Zealand is heaven for campers.

Viewers were in love with the charming riverside retreat! "Stayed here! There is a woodfire outdoor bath that is awesome, such a cool star gazing spot! :)" added @food_with_mads. "H*ll Yeah, we've got the best lil get aways in Aotearoa!" praised @arohatia. Just one word of warning, though- apparently, the water in the river is very cold! "You're gonna need more wood on that fire if you attempt to swim that river," warned @heidi.mai_nz. But hey, that's why they've got that woodfire outdoor bath- to warm your bones back up after a chilly dip in the river!

So how can one book a stay at this serene glamping spot? It's easy- we've got the Airbnb link right here. A perfect spot for a quiet and relaxing stay while visiting New Zealand's north island!

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