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Glamping Experience in Ireland That Comes Complete With Farm Animals Couldn't Be Cuter

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Glamping at this countryside farm located in Galway, Ireland offers gorgeous mountain views with super cute, tiny lakeside huts. Wake up to the serene lakeside views while enjoying your coffee and breathing in the fresh air. Did we mention there's also a wonderful 'must-do' surprise located on premise that you'll absolutely fall in love with?

Enjoy this video from TikTok creator @kaseymeetsworld as she shares with us this truly unique vacation experience that comes complete with some farm animal companions!

Aren't they just adorable?! Goats, alpacas, and sheep, oh my! Get up close and personal, and pet, feed and play with these animals. "I WANT TO STAY HERE. SO CUTE!," writes TikTok user Um, we do too! This is just such a welcome break from staying in a traditional hotel, plus, you really get an authentic, local experience.

Another person who watched the clip, @itsjswift added, "So cute omg!!!" And TikTok viewer @lmc179 remarks, "Yes!!!!! What's it called? I'm planning on going back to Ireland soon." This farm is listed on Airbnb under "glamping and alpaca farm hut" located in Oughterard, Galway, Ireland.

These adorable tiny huts are the "glamping vacation" that you've been wanting to try. They're budget-friendly and so simplistic and quaint. Although they're not exactly the Four Seasons, they do offer a truly unique travel experience. And honestly, sometimes vacations that are less fussy wind up being a lot more fun, right? This countryside farm visit should be added to the list for your next trip to Ireland. We're putting it on our list for sure!