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Picture-Perfect Video of Glacier National Park Comes With an Important Reminder

There are so many incredible places to explore in this country.

If you've ever dreamed of seeing glaciers or just love the national parks of the United States, there's a good chance that Glacier National Park is on your list. But a lot of people haven't even given visiting this spot in Montana a second thought... and they should.

In what looks like a totally unreal video of the park from @journeywizard on TikTok, they remind us of something important: "Places like this exist in America yet people would rather visit Vegas." 

See this video for yourself, and you'll likely cancel your next vacation to start planning your trip to Montana instead. It's that beautiful! 

Of course, that's not to say that you shouldn't visit places like Las Vegas, especially if it's somewhere you've been hoping to go. There's plenty of value in seeing Vegas, playing the slots, and watching the shows. But it's also important not to discount places like this, either, because wow — this view is incredible.

His statement about Vegas did end up being a bit of a controversial one in the comments, though. 

"This is a type of experience that last 10 seconds. Although I think Vegas is overrated, I’m sure it still offers more of a good time," one person wrote.

Another contributed, "I'd rather most people visit Vegas and leave these beautiful places to some of us that appreciate nature."

Visit Vegas, but think about visiting places like this too. Who wouldn't want to see a sight like this in person for themselves?