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Serene Video of Picture-Perfect Glacier Lakes in Alaska Is Going Viral

This would be incredible to see in person.

It's easy to see why Alaska is a bucket list destination for so many people. It's so different from anywhere else in the world (and especially different from any of the lower United States) and the state's beauty is truly breathtaking, especially when it comes to glaciers.

Need a clip to encourage you to start planning a trip (or maybe even an Alaskan cruise) of your own? This one from @johnderting on TikTok ought to do the job. According to his caption, this is "raw footage of the glacier lakes in the mountains of Valdez Alaska," and OMG — they are gorgeous.

The water is so clear it's almost unbelievable, and the mountains surrounding the lake are just the icing on the cake. This place looks unreal! Just looking at the water makes us think that this must be a totally relaxing, peaceful place to visit, especially if there are no other people in sight like this video (and the Titanic soundtrack playing in the background doesn't hurt, either).

Out of the thousands of commenters on the video, so many were impressed with how clear the water looked. One wrote, "It’s so clear, I’ve never seen water like that in person." 

Others were a little freaked out about what could hide in the water's depths, but for now, we choose to focus on the serene location! 

We're definitely going to need to see these glacier lakes ourselves someday. If they look this good in a video, we can only imagine how amazing it is to see this sight in person.