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Incredible Video of a Glacier Collapsing in National Park in Chile Is Something to See

Recent bad weather had weakened the ice walls.

It's safe to assume that seeing a glacier anywhere is going to be an amazing experience. It's incredible what nature can do, but of course, there are certain parts of the world where it seems like she's just showing off. But despite how beautiful glaciers are, we should remember that sometimes, they can also be dangerous.

Watching a video shared by @nbcnightlynews on TikTok is a great reminder of that. It shows what happens when a glacier in Chile collapses, and it's a bit scarier than we would have expected.

In the video, we can see a piece of glacier, which spans an unbelievable 650 feet, break off and fall onto the rocks below, leaving us relieved that no one was in its path to get injured. 

"Experts say abnormally high temperatures and rain had weakened the ice walls," host Lester Holt said of the glacier collapse, which took place in the Patagonia area of Chile. 

This is just one example of the disastrous effects that climate change is already having on the world, and the fact that we can watch these things happen in real time is horrifying.

Though some people in the comments insist that this is just the natural cycle of glaciers, others do find it pretty troubling.

"It’s not that the climate is changing - it’s the rate of change that’s troubling," one person explained.

We're just glad no one was hurt. We hate to imagine a world where there are no glaciers to marvel at... and what that would mean for the climate.