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Friends' Fun Way of Choosing Their Next Trip Destination Is Worth Stealing

We might have to try this.

Girls trips are where some of the best memories are made, but the planning stages are kind of tricky. After all, trying to get several different adults to find a time in their schedule where they agree they can leave for a few days and to agree on a destination can be next to impossible. And then, once you're there, you have to decide what to do, too?! 

If this part of the travel process stresses you out, too, this TikTok video from @its.h.benny might help. She and her group of friends start planning of their next girls trip while they're still on their current girls' trip, and their method is pretty smart!

As she explains in the video, they each choose three destinations in different time zones and they write them down, fold them up, and stick them in a cup (or in this case, a wine glass). After mixing them up, they take turns picking cities out of the cup one at a time, and the last paper standing will determine where they're going.

After eliminating ideas like Sedona and Palm Springs, they finally reached the last paper in the cup, which revealed that they are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming... which made them all dissolve into laughter.

Not only was the whole process fun, but it made the decision making process easy, and didn't lead to anyone feeling like their opinions weren't being heard. This is a great idea for any friend groups who have a hard time deciding where to travel next. 

It might be good to keep this in mind the next time we plan a trip... even if not specifically a girls trip. This is so fun!