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Little Girl's Priceless Reaction to 'Mount Rushmore' Is Just the Best

She hit the nail right on the head, no pun intended.

For many people, seeing national landmarks around the United States is a major bucket list item. The Grand Canyon, the Great Lakes, and Niagara Falls... these all make for exciting trips. But some kids are too young to fully appreciate them (no wonder they get so bored when adults plan the trips). 

Case in point: One little girl on TikTok who was seriously unimpressed by Mount Rushmore. Her older sister, @sophiaamore, shared a video of her reaction to seeing the famous landmark on TikTok, and the comment she made about it is really something.

She was filming during her trip to Mount Rushmore and turned to her little sis and said, "Hope, what do you think?" Hope had the best reply when she said, "It's rocks with a head on it." 

Technically, she's not wrong... that's exactly what it is! And there are plenty of people out there who feel her on this one. 

"Honestly it is really underwhelming. Like pictures are better than seeing it in person," one commenter said. 

"The ice cream was better. Went back a second time just for the ice cream," someone else added. Fair enough!

Others have similar stories to share about their own family members. "This is like when my younger sister complained the Coliseum was broken," another person wrote. 

Hope may not have been big on Mount Rushmore, but that's okay. Maybe the next time she visits a landmark she'll be more impressed!

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