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Little Girl's Gross Description of the Swimming Pool at Her Hotel Couldn't Be More Spot On

When you're on vacation, sometimes the pool just hits better than the beach. After all, you can get the experience of taking a cool dip in the water without worrying about sand or seashells hurting your feet. However, whenever you enter a public pool, there is a whole other list of problems that you have to worry about when deciding to take a swim.  

A video that's going viral on TikTok was shared by @thesingulardave. The creator is filming a little girl who is most definitely much more aware than most kids her age. She has no intention of venturing into the swimming pool at her hotel, and when she's asked why, total hilarity ensues. Wait until you get a load of what she says. We are dying! 

OMG, did she hit the nail right on the head, or what? This is how we all feel about public pools! The description of "sitting in a moist tub with strangers" couldn't be more spot-on. (So gross.) People who watched the clip agree that this will make us all look at public pools a little differently. One commenter, @lisaclarkemyers said, "After this, there will be no more public pools. 😂" To which the creator of the video replied with, "They are now canceled 👏". That is one influential comparison statement. Some of the commenters are even saying how she is not just a regular kid, like TikTok user @stellasayshi, who said, "That soul, she’s been here before. She’s a gem."

Not to kill this girl's vibe, but apparently, this is a line from a popular kids TV show, Gravity Falls. TikTok user @amaraenn exposed the origin of this line by saying, "My son just said the exact same thing today. I asked him after watching this, apparently, it's from Gravity Falls." Glad to know that this is what TV shows are pushing onto the next generations. 

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