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Video Highlighting Reported Ghost Sightings at 'Disneyland' Gives Us the Chills

Disneyland is quoted to be the "happiest place on earth" through its combination of magical allure, amazing rides, and wholesome family fun. But many have also credited Disney for its spooky undertones and insist the famous park has numerous ghost sightings. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @disneyspooks, they tell a tale of one particular ghost who haunts Disneyland in California. According to the video, many people have seen this ghost in action and have noted the strangely charitable deeds she does while haunting the park. Check out the clip to hear the whole story.

Huh. Who would've thought Disneyland is actually haunted?! This video talks about the "woman in white" who helps lost children get to the baby care center to meet up with their families. We don't know about you, but if that ghost is haunting Disneyland, we say, more power to her! People are chiming in on the nature of this, like user @maggiewelch118, who said, "I’d be okay “haunting“ Disney World! 😂 This is great!". Agreed! If we had had to haunt any place in the afterlife, Disney would be at the top of our list. LOL. 

Some of the commenters believe that Disney is definitely haunted and have even seen ghosts themselves. Commenter @rioharkness said, "I’ve seen her after the park was closed, walking by the Haunted Mansion." Hmm. Is this person sure they didn't just see one of the "entities" who are part of the ride? Maybe, maybe not. Guess it all depends on whether you believe in the paranormal. However, Disneyland does give off some mystical, creepy vibes, so a resident ghost kind of seems in order. Plus, the park has been around so long, the thought of a spirit from the past lingering to take one last ride isn't so far-fetched. If nothing else, possible ghosts only add to the appeal and charm of this iconic attraction.

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