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Story of Ghost Town Hidden Under Kentucky Lake Has People Intrigued

Birmingham, Kentucky doesn't exist anymore but was once a thriving town.

In America, we have quite a few ghost towns — a city that has been deserted for one reason or another. These are pretty intriguing to urban explorers and casual travelers alike, since there's something so eerie about seeing an entire abandoned town, with streets and buildings often still in tact, like the people who once lived there just up and disappeared. 

And thanks to @kyscarystories on TikTok, we now know about a town called Birmingham, Kentucky, which is underneath the water of a lake in the area. Fascinated yet? Check out the video below — she actually goes into a lot of detail about this hidden town.

According to the video, the city goes all the way back to the late 1800s and though it was once very prosperous, that all came crashing down in the 1930s, when Kentucky decided to build a man-made lake and dam in the area, and everyone had to relocate, leaving their homes behind.

Apparently, at one point, it was possible to see people's belongings floating the lake — how heartbreaking and interesting, all at the same time.

It's incredible that a whole city could be lost under the lake, but hopefully, everyone was able to get out safely before the area became uninhabitable. We have to wonder what it looks like today under all that water.