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Video of the 'Best Ghost Photos Ever' From New Orleans Ghost Tour Is Tough to Deny

With all the leaves starting to die on their branches and Halloween fast approaching, people are really starting to feel the spooky season coming in. All over, haunted houses and ghost tours are starting to pick up in popularity. While doing these paranormal activities (LOL), many people think they've really seen a ghost- and in this case, they actually might have!

TikTok influencer @sarahjaypierce has a couple of paranormal pictures to share that'll send chills down your spine. A family member of hers went on a ghost tour in New Orleans and claims to have captured a few pictures of the ghost of NOLA's most notorious female serial killer.

Ok... that's haunting. If we are to assume that they're telling the truth, and that these pictures weren't doctored and no one else came down the street while they took their photos... who is that woman in the photos? Could this really be the apparition of one of the evilest people to ever walk the streets of New Orleans?

Things got even scarier in the comments. "That looks honestly just like how she’s described! 😨," said an astonished @jadawhite87. "Girl!!!! If you Google her there’s a painting picture of her and the dress in the painting is similar to the picture captured!" exclaimed @wenzey2. OK... we don't like this. Not one bit. Especially not when it's the ghost of a sadistic killer. Evidently, LaLaurie isn't the only ghost who has been spotted on this tour. "I went on the same tour and got some crazy pics of a ghost lady on a balcony that supposedly froze to death out there!!!" @leahjanehaines claimed.

Others weren't convinced. "It’s estimated that over 100 billion ppl have lived on earth yet the ghosts are always from the same 200-year time period 😂," laughed @mitchellwiggs skeptically. Others, like @stargirlwithalibrary, believed photos like these might be showing specters from the past, but not in the way we think: "I've always had a theory that they aren't actually ghosts, it's just bits and pieces of the past that are quantum entangling with the present."

What do you believe? Do you think these photos are faked, or are they evidence of a ghost... or something else entirely?