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Parents’ Easy Trick for Getting Kids to Sleep on Flights Has the Internet Divided

Anytime you’re flying with kids, it’s always a blessing when they fall asleep during the trip. Of course, sometimes, getting them to take a nap mid-flight is not that simple, especially when they’re excited about being on the plane. And what about long-haul flights? It’s one thing to get through a 2-hour flight with a kid in tow. But anything over a few hours can be pretty difficult if they’re awake the entire time.

One couple, however, has figured out a pretty nifty hack for getting their kids to sleep easily on long flights. In a video that this mom and dad shared on their TikTok channel, @yakydiroma, they’re showing off an easy trick for getting their kids to drift off to dreamland. 

Whoa! Who would’ve thought to use a foot rest pillow to make a little bed for the kids? You have to admit that the children look pretty snug and comfortable. Some TikTok users think these pillows are such a fantastic idea. @Margaret Monem said, “I think airlines should do this for long-haul flights with kids. Great idea.” Another fan of the pillows, @Nutty Snail suggested, “Why don’t airlines have seats that convert for youngsters like this? It would make so much sense and help keep them calm.”

However, other TikTok users were concerned that this handy hack could potentially pose a safety issue, due to turbulence during the flight. @Gill noted, “The airline might not let you use these because of safety. Airlines have to test things like this for emergencies. It’s not that they don’t want it.” Then there was @Ryan Domenico, who added, “I’ve been told that most airlines won’t actually let you use these. They block access to the life vests and can impede exiting during an emergency.”

It’s easy to see both sides of the equation here. On the one hand, no parent would ever do anything to put their child in harm’s way. But on the flip side of the coin, well-rested kids fare so much better on a long journey than over-tired ones. Whatever your opinion might be, we have to give the parents props for trying to make the flight a little smoother for their little ones. With a few more trips like these, they’ll wind up with a couple of regular travel pros! 

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