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Biker's Reaction to Huge Gator Crossing His Path in Florida Is Blowing Our Minds

Dude must be a local.

In certain parts of the United States, alligators are a part of life, especially in Florida. Seeing them in (and out) of bodies of water is common, while still pretty terrifying. They may move relatively slowly, but those gators can do a lot of damage! 

However, for those who live in the swampier states, seeing a gator around is NBD, as evidenced in a video from @visitcentralfl on TikTok. A gator is just casually walking across a path at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida, and we can see a man who's riding his bike along that path being totally chill about the whole thing in the background. Um, what?! 

The gator is going about his business, appearing to be carrying some prey in his mouth, and leaves the biker alone. The biker doesn't move, he doesn't freak out, he just stays perfectly still — and people watching this video can't believe how calm he stayed when a gator was just feet (if not inches) in front of him. 

"That dude on the bike in the background is so Florida," one commenter wrote.

Another joked, "I dream of a world where a gator can cross the road without his intentions being questioned." 

This man might be used to seeing gators on a regular basis, but he still has nerves of steel. We're impressed!