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Man's Videos Listing Each State's Most Oddly-Named Town Are Hilarious

With thousands of towns and cities across the 50 states, America has its fair share of towns that have some pretty unusual names. Even if there's a history behind these names that explains why they are the way they are, out of context, some of these names really just crack us up!

With tons of American towns with goofy names, there's plenty of material there. TikTok influencer @owenmaupin listed his picks for the funniest-named towns in each of the 50 States!

OK, some of these are just way too funny. How are there two different Buttzvilles in this country... and two North Poles? To say nothing of the second Atlantic City that's hundreds of miles away from the Atlantic! Honestly, this list has us a bit inspired. We've got an idea for the world's silliest road trip: driving to each one of these towns. Well... Alaska and Hawai'i might prove to be a bit tricky for a road trip, but otherwise, we're on board with this idea.

Owen was limited to 50 picks, but there is no lack of towns with goofy names across the country, as many of his followers were eager to share. "I would've gone with Uranus Missouri personally xD," added @saikachan98. "North Pole? Bruh we have a town called CHICKEN," said Alaskan TikTok user @lady_reign. 

"You missed out on Tennessee. Bucksnort, Finger, Frog Jump are all better," critiqued @tamirrt1. "You chose Panic Pennsylvania instead of Lititz, Blue Ball, or Intercourse??" wondered @markmay1969! Hey, Owen has that TikTok algorithm to worry about... Virgin. Utah almost got him. 

Only one real snag on Owen's list, though: "There is no Quahog RI; that's Family Guy!" pointed out @dennisambrose1. Yep, we can confirm, Quahog is a fictional town. Still, 49/50 ain't bad!

Even if a road trip to all these towns isn't in the cards, perhaps you might be able to visit one of these oddly-named towns near you. Just, uh, perhaps you should avoid fishing or swimming if you visit Pee Pee Creek.

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