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Man's Reaction to Going on the 'Fun Wheel' at 'Disneyland' Has Us in Stitches

It's safe to say he isn't a fan.

There are a lot of fun rides at Disneyland, but as we get older, we'll admit that we can't handle all of them. Some rollercoasters can be done, as long as there's Dramamine involved... but we just can't handle the thrills like we used to. And just when you thought rides like a ferris wheel would be safe, suddenly, the game has totally changed.

One Disneyland visitor (@mikemolinari on TikTok) experienced that firsthand when he rode the Pixar Pal-A-Round ride — more commonly known as the Fun Wheel — at Disney's California Adventure. His gut was telling him not to ride it, and well... he probably should have stuck with that feeling. 

In the beginning of the video, he's saying, "Go on the Fun Wheel, they said. It's not that bad. Lies. All lies!" 

Cut to the footage of him actually on the Fun Wheel, fighting for his life as everyone on the ride with him is screaming. LOL! 

For the uninitiated, Disney's version of a ferris wheel is a bit different from the one we know and love from the carnival. This one includes caged in gondolas that slide as the wheel rotates, leaving some people with a bit more of an intense experience than they bargained for.

We're just glad he lived to tell the tale (and hopefully didn't throw up). The Fun Wheel can be fun, but if you get motion sick... don't say we didn't warn you.

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