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6-Year-Old's Reaction to Watching 'Frozen' While Sitting in Business Class Couldn't Be More Perfect

One of the perks of flying business class, especially on a higher-end airline, is that you can sometimes get seats with a little extra privacy. You don't want to overestimate how private your seat is though- or you might end up putting on a performance for the whole airplane!

That's what a young passenger did on a recent flight. Seated in business class with a privacy shield, one 6-year-old girl was watching Frozen with her headphones on. Lost in her own little world, she started singing along to "Let It Go"- unknowingly putting on a show for the whole cabin! Her aunt captured the grand finale and uploaded it to her TikTok account, @shrees_marathon_journey.

Hahaha! This is adorably hilarious! She definitely thought she had more privacy than she really did. At least you can tell she's having fun!

Of course, some commenters had to rain on the parade- complaining about her noisiness, wondering why her mom intervened, etc. So Aunt Shree had to clarify: "FYI the seatbelt sign was on. Her mum told her to stop singing as soon as she was allowed to get up from her own seat. 🙄 This was at the start of the flight (before take-off). She was quiet throughout the flight she didn’t disturb anyone once the flight took off."

It's sad that she even had to clarify this much, though- some folks just need to take a chill pill and appreciate a funny video of a kid singing! As user @ogvos1 said, "I would much rather have this over the seat kicking and crying kids :)."

"It's the mom semi-desperately saying her name, knowing she can't do anything about it for me😂," laughed @gin.ecbh. LOL, that part got to us, too! "As a woman who doesn't want kids, that's the business class entertainment I want. Not the drunken buffoons I've encountered 👍," said @cait_g90. Hear, hear!

Even other flight attendants gave her performance their seal of approval!  "As a flight attendant, I would find this so adorable and funny. Children are the best out of all passengers😂," said @l.xcix. We say let her sing her heart out. Maybe she'll be voicing her own Disney princess someday!

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