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Video of Only Free-Range Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii Looks Like a Dream Come True

One trend we've noticed popping up is people opening up Airbnbs on animal sanctuaries. We can certainly understand the appeal- it gives animal lovers a chance to get up close and personal with animals who are thriving in a habitat that was designed for them.

One such place is the Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii. It's a 3.5-acre large free-range cat sanctuary, but it also helps protect the habitats of endangered birds on the island of Lanai by giving feral cats a spacious and cozy home away from them. One thing about these cats is that they love their guests, who can stay with them at the sanctuary's Airbnb. TikTok user @emily.kauai and her partner stayed there, and the cats were very welcoming hosts!

Oh, yeah... he's gonna be stuck there for a while! Emily better make sure that her fella doesn't get smothered under that massive cuddle huddle! Lowkey we're jealous of just how much attention he's getting from those friendly cats. This place looks like paradise!

Positive responses came flowing in through the comments. "My vision of heaven," sighed @oceanview171. "Yep you're living my dream," affirmed @emeraldmayx.

Former visitors to the sanctuary sang their praises of the place. "I was there about four years ago and it was insanely amazing happiness," shared @lizzifun. "Been there twice! It’s amazing and they take really good care of the cats!" said @nalyes.

Live near Lanai and want to get involved? As @emily.kauai shared in the comments, "They always need volunteers." Something to consider if you'd like to experience a kitty cuddle pile of your own!