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Woman's Hilarious Joke About Free Hotel Breakfast Is Totally Spot-On

We're all guilty of this.

Let's be honest — the words "free breakfast" are very powerful when it comes to choosing the hotel we're staying in while we travel. Who doesn't want to save a little money and have access to free food before heading out for the day? 

There's just one problem: When there's bacon and potatoes (and sometimes even pancakes) around, it's impossible to go for the healthy option. Impossible! And as @carlafreemancomedy pointed out on TikTok, that means loading up your plate is an inevitability. It's free, right? And now that we've seen her breakfast plate, this lady did not hold back.

She admitted she was trying to go for the muesli option, but if you watch the video, you'll see how well this went. We're not laughing because her plan didn't work out, we're laughing because we have all been there.

It's not just us who can relate, either; among the dozens of comments on the post are plenty. of people who feel the same way when confronted with a free buffet of fried foods.

"I'm like this with food shopping. Stick to the list and then end up with nothing on the list but every thing I don't need," one person joked.

Hopefully, free hotel breakfast never goes away. Everyone deserves the opportunity to load up that plate and go to town! 

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