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Video Explains How Anyone Can Win a Free Vacation With 'Delta'

Delta Airlines is playing Santa Claus this year. Delta is gifting 12 of their best and most scenic fabulous destination trips to 12 lucky winners. These 'bucket list' destinations are sure to already be on your list. And yes, you heard us correctly, FREE! 

Pack your suitcases, grab your passport, and send a huge 'thank you' to TikTok video creator @jenonajetplane for sharing this amazing information with us. This would be the best Christmas present EVER! Here are all the details.

Delta is calling this promotion "Find your first," where you can enter for a chance to win their dream choice destination. Some of the destinations include Bora Bora, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Italy, London, Jamaica, and Las Vegas, to name a few. No purchase necessary, just simply complete your entry form here; Delta Vacations First that last contest. Good luck to everyone.

TikTok fans are wild about learning this information. User @angelicagrullonn writes, "I entered for Bora Bora. Omg, please God let me take my dream trip!" We're pretty sure everyone entering echoes that sentiment. Fan @dairyqueenleen declares, "Holy moly!!" Well said, yup, that sums it up. Viewer @catbombz adds, "Thank you! I just entered for Greece! Good luck to everyone!"

We completed or entry form immediately. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Only Santa and Mrs. Claus know. Would it help if we all leave out extra cookies, carrots, and milk for your team, Santa? We all want this dream trip. Happy Holidays to everyone, see you in Bora Bora.

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