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Man's Reaction to Getting 'Free' Beer at an All-Inclusive Resort Is Cracking People Up

Anyone who's paid for a trip to an all-inclusive resort knows that it carries a heck of a price tag up front. However, once you're there and the drinks start flowing, you start forgetting about the money you dropped earlier on- it's smooth sailing from here on out, and you don't need to worry about digging out your credit card again. All this stuff feels like it's for free- even though it's definitely not.

That's exactly the mindset one dude got into on his summer holiday. In this video posted by @scottandsals, a couple's shared travelogue TikTok account, we get a glimpse into their recent trip to an all-inclusive resort in Rhodes, Greece. Scott, one half of the couple, is overjoyed at the abundance of "free beer" there, and for a brief moment, you can tell that he's totally forgotten about paying for the beer- and then some- before their trip even began. Check out the look on his face.

That dude is beaming with joy! Frankly, we'd probably forget about the up-front price tag if we were in his situation too. Let's keep those drinks coming! After all, it's more about the vibes: "It still feels free 😅," commented user @dontfudgeitbudget. "That’s exactly what he keeps saying 😂," @scottandsals responded. Exactly- it's all in the psychology.

"Has he done the classic "next round is on me" all inclusive joke yet 😂?" asked user @amyjanekozi. "Only every time he gets up 👀 😂," replied @scottandsals. LOL, we love a dude who loves corny jokes.

Here's the thing though- if you and your party are big drinkers, you might be able to drink more than what you paid for, and after that point, it basically is getting free booze! It's a challenge, but some savvy viewers calculated it. "You can easily outdrink the price of ur trip if u run about 15-20 drinks a day for 6-7 days," estimated @lazerslot. "Believe it or not we managed it 😂," admitted @scottandsals. Whoa... that's a lot of booze!

We hope @scottandsals remembered to hydrate with water and get some vitamins in on their trip. That said, good job getting their money's worth!