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'Lufthansa Lounge' in Frankfurt Is the True Definition of Luxurious

While many of us wait for our flights at an airport bar or restaurant- or, if you're extra-patient, at the gate itself- others have a more exclusive experience. Those who have business class tickets or better (or those who are part of certain rewards programs) can await their flights in luxurious airport lounges. Not all lounges are equal, though- some are far nicer than others.

As far as luxury airport lounge experiences go, Frankfurt's Lufthansa lounge might beat them all. TikTok travel expert @travelwithpat gives us the grand tour. 

If only all airport lounges were this deluxe- Lufthansa's luxury lounge experiece might just make that pricy first-class ticket worth it! First off, any good airport lounge needs to have excellent food and drink options- and with its decadent menu and bar stocked with top-shelf liquors, we'd say this lounge makes the mark. Beyond that, though, you can also retreat to work in a private office space, work out those kinks in your back in a massage chair, or even relax in a cigar lounge if you're the smoking type. And of course, we can't forget the private transfer to your flight, either. We can see why Pat considers it a contender for the best airport lounge in the world!

Plus, in the comments, we discovered that there is actually another way to get inside without a first-class ticket! "Actually Hon Circle status [with Lufthansa] gets to use this lounge (600K miles/2years) and it also has sleeping rooms," added @trip_to_mars_and_back. The amount of miles needed to attain this status still makes it pretty exclusive, but frequent fliers with Lufthansa might want to explore this option!

"It’s absolutely wonderful. I’m there 2-3 times a week, and I always want to go back when I’m out and about," chimed in @olnoth. "True. It's really the best," agreed @theheavencraft. "“This is the vacation, we’re never leaving this terminal",” quipped @drinksbywild. LOL!

Who knew that Frankfurt Airport boasted one of the best airport lounges in the world? What's your personal favorite airport lounge?

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